Wednesday, November 16, 2016

World News Briefs -- November 16, 2016

USA Today: Iraqi commander: Could take months to take control of Mosul from ISIL

BAGHDAD — Iraqi forces face a dilemma as they push farther into Mosul: How to draw out entrenched Islamic State fighters while protecting residents who’ve been hunkered in their homes for weeks.

“We are advancing steadily,” said Lt. Gen. Abdul Wahab al-Saadi, a commander in Iraq’s elite counterterrorism forces. "We are taking in civilians fleeing (Islamic State-controlled) areas while prioritizing protecting residents inside the city.”

Since Oct. 17 when the offensive on Mosul began, Iraqi forces have advanced from the east and the south, clearing surrounding towns and finally entering the eastern districts of the city last week. They have encountered heavy resistance from the militants as they attempt to move toward the city center.

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Iraqi forces attack IS, push deeper into east Mosul area.

ISIS brainwashed 400,000 kids in Mosul to fight, carry out suicide attacks – report.

Ancient city of Nimrud lies in ruins after 'IS' occupation.

Government forces pound Aleppo for 2nd day.

Syria's war: US aims new sanctions at Assad backers.

Erdogan says Turkish-backed rebels close to taking Syria's al Bab.

Arab coalition intercepts boats carrying weapons to Yemen.

US-backed air campaign in Yemen raises war crimes questions. Yemen war raises questions of war crimes against civilians.

Iran's top leaders move to calm concerns over Trump election.

Turkey's Erdogan could govern until 2029 under plans to change constitution.


Trump aims to ease Asian allies' qualms when he meets Japan's Abe.

Afghanistan: Suicide bomber strikes in Kabul.

US: Probe into war crimes in Afghanistan unwarranted.

US Pacific commitments will survive Duterte, Trump: U.S. Adm. Harris.

Hundreds of Rohingya flee Myanmar army crackdown to Bangladesh: sources.

Pakistan PM, army chief watch military drill at India border.

International naval vessels aid in New Zealand's earthquake recovery. New Zealand earthquake: Tourists and locals stranded by landslides evacuated.

Indians line up for money as ex-minister throws $97 million wedding.


Almost 500 migrants reach Italy, more deaths reported at sea.

Thousands trapped by fighting in South Sudan receive emergency aid.

Boko Haram militants seen weakening in Cameroon: ICG.

Kenya delays closure of Somali refugee camp. Kenya extends deadline to close world's largest refugee camp.

Central Mali gripped by a dangerous brew of jihad, revolt and self-defence.

DRC's Kabila shores up power base, turning up heat on international broadcasters.

Egypt clears way for former presidential candidate to return home.


Brexit talks will take 'a lot longer' than two years, Eurogroup head says.

EU plans five-euro security check for visitors.

Germany concerned about potential Russian interference in election, intelligence chief says.

Vladimir Putin orders Russia to withdraw support for International Court amid calls for Syria air strikes investigation.

Medvedev calls economy minister’s arrest 'extraordinary event' for Russia.

UN committee urges Russia to end rights abuses in Crimea.

Sarkozy again targeted over alleged Libyan campaign funding. Gaddafi ‘gave Nicolas Sarkozy €50m for 2007 presidential campaign’.

Obama says will urge creditors to give Greece space for recovery.

Protesting soldiers teargassed, hit with water cannon by Belgian police (VIDEO).

Merkel to stand for fourth term as Chancellor, CDU politician Norbert Röttgen tells CNN.

Angela Merkel branded new 'leader of the free world' as Trump and Brexit preoccupy Western powers.


Firings and discord put Trump transition team in a state of disarray.

Donald Trump denies transition disarray after sackings.

Amid strains, Trump says only he knows finalists for Cabinet.

New York mayor Bill de Blasio calls for protests against Donald Trump to 'take away his power'.

Obama urges 'course correction' on globalisation.

US House OKs bills to renew Iran sanctions, crack down on Syria.

Canada looks for better commercial ties with Cuba.

Venezuela: three opposition lawmakers resign in concession to Maduro.

Baltimore OKs ban of replica guns.


Global Terrorism Index 2016: Developed countries suffer dramatic rise in terrorism-related deaths.

ICC prosecutors find 'reasonable basis' for US war crimes in Afghanistan, Europe.

Holiday season could be target for terrorists, DHS says.


U.S. dollar hits 14-year high as Trump-fueled bond sell-off resumes.

Twitter suspends alt-right accounts.

China's coal use likely peaked in 2013 amid rapid shift to renewables, global energy report says.

Snapchat parent files for $25 billion IPO.

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