Thursday, December 1, 2016

Report: Retired Marine Gen. James Mattis Has Been Selected For U.S. Secretary Of Defense

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump stands with retired Marine Gen. James Mattis following their meeting at the main clubhouse at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, U.S., November 19, 2016. REUTERS/Mike Segar

Washington Post: Trump has chosen retired Marine Gen. James Mattis for secretary of defense

President-elect Donald Trump has chosen retired Marine Gen. James N. Mattis to be secretary of defense, according to people familiar with the decision, nominating a former senior military officer who led operations across the Middle East to run the Pentagon less than four years after he hung up his uniform.

To take the job, Mattis will need Congress to pass new legislation to bypass a federal law stating that defense secretaries must not have been on active duty in the previous seven years. Congress has granted a similar exception just once, when Gen. George C. Marshall was appointed to the job in 1950.

An announcement is likely by early next week, according to the people familiar with the choice. Jason Miller, a spokesman with the Trump transition team, tweeted Thursday evening that no decision had been made. Trump’s son Donald Jr., meanwhile, retweeted a report saying that Mattis got the job.

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WNU Editor: The Trump transition team is denying these reports .... Mattis reported named for Pentagon but Trump team denies (Reuters). More here .... Trump teams denies it has picked Marine General 'Mad Dog' Mattis as Defense Secretary (Daily Mail)

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Anonymous said...

LOL, Trump just confirmed Mattis is his selection for Secretary of Defense while giving a speech in Ohio.

Hurhur said...

Media outlets and us enemies all over the world simultaneously shit their pants haha, get some!

B.Poster said...

Either Mr. Trump is messing with them or soneone leaked something before the team was ready. Most likely someone leaked something before the leadership was ready. This is a common problem in America. It's a pity we are no longer taught "loose lips sink ships."

With that said regardless what anyone thinks of Mr. Trump he is extremely brilliant. This is in contrast to Hillary who is collosally stupid and perhaps a psychopath as well. As such, I wouldn't rule out the possibility that Mr. Trump and his team are messing with the media and foreign leaders as well.

Some time ago the editor of this site, brilliantly in my considered opinion, pointed out that large organizations, while they have vast resources are oftentimes fat,slow, stupid, and ugly. I would add to that they are oftentimes blinded by ideology. A large organization that has vast resources while being fat, slow, stupid, and ugly epitomized team Clinton and Mrs. Clinton perfectly. Additionally the ideology that blinds her and her team of unfettered immigration without any vetting, over regulation, demonization of energy companies, and ridiculously high taxes have literally bern killing American families yet they cling to the ideologies like a baby clings to a nlanket.

Having such vast resourcez often insulates one, at least in the short to mid term,from the impacts of their stupid decisions. Those without the vast resources, the "peasants" feel the brunt of these things straightaway.

The contrast to the above analogy is having linited resources while being lean, fast, brilliant, and beautiful. While it is debatable as to whether or not "beautiful" could describe team Trump or Mr. Trump himself, the other qualities describe Mr. Trump and his team in abundance. Additionally the contrast to ideology is being pragmatic. Team Trump and the candidate himself, at least late in the race, exuded pragmatism in abundance.

When being faced with the option of fat, slow, dumb, and ugly shoved in one's face daily and being told they MUST vote for it, it's not hard to understand why a number of Americans, when presented with the exact opposite, would choose the opposite. Again, "beautiful" as a description of team Trump or the candidate himself is debatable. Suffice it to say team Trump could very well be playing games with the mrdia and foreign leaders here and I could go on but am linited to 4,086 characters.

David Collins said...

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fazman said...

Jay l think the speedboats are going to the bottom.

James Sutton said...

Classic 😂

Jay Farquharson said...

We will see.

If they do, gloat on $150bbl oil or higher and Iraq chaos.