Saturday, January 28, 2017

World Corruption Index Has Been Released

Forbes: Where Corruption Is Rampant Worldwide [Infographic]

No country on earth is deemed totally free of corruption, according to Transparency International. Earlier this week, the Berlin-based lobbying group reported that 69 percent of the 176 countries on its latest Corruption Perceptions Index scored below 50 on a scale between 0 (perceived as highly corrupt) and 100 (perceived as very clean). It called on governments to urgently introduce deep-rooted systemic reforms to eliminate corruption and address the growing imbalance of power and wealth.

Somalia, South Sudan and North Korea were the world’s three worst nations for perceived public sector corruption. Many others saw their scores tumble over the past 12 months with Brazil a notable example. It experienced a spate of huge corruption cases last year, including Petrobras and Odebrecht, leading to a significant decline in its score. Denmark and New Zealand were the best performers in 2016, followed by Finland and Sweden.

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Update #1: Report: Populist leaders often add to corruption they vow to remove from governments (Amanda Hoover, CSM)
Update #2: There’s more to measuring corruption than Transparency International’s annual index, just released (Dan Hough, Washington Post)
Update #3: Watchdog Says US Transparency Rating May Be Endangered (VOA)

WNU Editor: The International Transparency "Corruption Perceptions Index" report is here.

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