Sunday, February 19, 2017

China Will Suspend All Imports Of Coal From North Korea

Beijing said it will stop importing North Korean coal until the end of 2017 [Reuters]

Washington Post: China suspends North Korean coal imports, striking at regime’s financial lifeline

BEIJING — China will suspend all imports of coal from North Korea until the end of the year, the Commerce Ministry announced Saturday, in a surprise move that would cut off a major financial lifeline for Pyongyang and significantly enhance the effectiveness of U.N. sanctions.

Coal is North Korea’s largest export item, and also China’s greatest point of leverage over the regime.

The ministry said the ban would come into force Sunday and be effective until Dec. 31.

China said the move was designed to implement November’s United Nations Security Council resolution that tightened sanctions against the regime in the wake of its last nuclear test.

But experts said the move also reflected Beijing’s deep frustration with North Korea over its recent missile test and the assassination of Kim Jong Un’s half brother in Malaysia.

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WNU Editor: The missile tests are bothering China because of South Korea's and the U.S. response to it (i.e. deployment of missile defense) But this assassination was the final straw .... Kim Jong-nam: Will killing derail North Korea-China ties? (BBC). And yes .... this Chinese suspension of coal is going to hurt North Korea.

Update: Yes .... that is also how I see it .... China Message to Trump With North Korea Coal Ban: Let's Deal (Bloomberg).

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