Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Germany To Boost Its Army To Almost 200,000 Troops


The Independent: Germany to boost army to 200000 troops amid growing concern over Donald Trump's commitment to Nato

Germany is to increase the size of its armed forces amid growing concerns over the security of Europe.

Troop numbers in the Bundeswehr will be raised to almost 200,000 over the next seven years, under new plans announced on Wednesday.

The move comes days after Mike Pence, the US vice-president, called on Nato’s European members to increase military spending.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly demanded Europe pay more towards the cost of its own defence.

The move also comes amid growing concern in European capitals over Mr Trumps’ commitment to Nato, after he described the alliance as “obsolete”.

Under the new plans, Germany will recruit 20,000 more troops by 2025, bringing its total service personnel to 198,000.

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1 comment:

B.Poster said...

Clearly the US commitment to NATO can't remain what it is. It is going to have to be scaled back significantly and perhaps eliminated entirely.

This move by Germany to increase the size and capability of it's army is long overdue but, as is the case with any good thing, starting now is better than not starting at all. It would be optimal if Germany and America work together on the transition to help ensure the transition away from relying on America is an orderly one as opposed to a disorderly one.

The transition will happen the only question is what type of transition it will be. will it be orderly or disorderly? Quite frankly it would seem to be more important to Germany than it is to America to ensure the transition is an orderly one. As such, it would be profoundly in their best interests to get to this and to work with the Americans to ensure the transition is orderly.