Monday, February 20, 2017

Iraqi Army Mi-28 Gunship Unloading Cannon And Rockets On ISIS Attackers in Mosul (Video)

Daily Star: Russian attack helicopter UNLOADS on ISIS fighters holed up in former stronghold of Mosul

INCREDIBLE footage shot from the frontline of the battle against ISIS shows a military helicopter unleashing its might on stranded fighters below.

The clip, shot by an Australian news crew embedded in the besieged city of Mosul, Iraq, has gone viral after shocked viewers circulated the footage online.

It begins showing an aircraft, believed to be an Mi-28 model helicopter, hovering above the city firing flares.

After a number of seconds, it begins unloading from a machine gun, raining gunfire down on the city below.

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WNU Editor: That is something that you do not see everyday.

Update: Here is an interesting on the ground report from Australian broadcaster ABC News (they are also probably the ones who filmed the above footage) .... Confusion and contradiction as Iraqi forces push into west Mosul (ABC News Online).

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