Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Is China About To Change Its Nuclear Weapons Policy?

The Conversation: China’s nuclear weapons policy could be about to radically change

There has long been a gap between China’s nuclear weapons capabilities and the aspirations of its defence strategists, some of whom are keen to align Beijing’s nuclear posture with the offensive, dominant stance of its conventional military forces. They may be getting their way: there are signs that China could start to move towards a “war-fighting” nuclear stance and dramatically change the way it uses its nuclear weapons for strategic purposes.

This would be a huge change. For the last two decades, outside observers have often talked about China’s “official” nuclear posture as more passive than assertive. What Western coverage China’s nuclear capabilities get tends towards stability and non-belligerence, pointing to Beijing’s longstanding policies of minimum deterrence, and “no first use”.

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WNU Editor: China has always been open on what are there long term strategic goals .... to first be the regional power in Asia, and after that to be a global superpower. Nuclear weapon capabilities and policies are going to change to accommodate this strategic goal .... the question that needs to be answered is when.

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