Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Is This The Attack Plane That Will Replace The A-10?

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David Axe, War Is Boring: This Weird Little Company Wants to Build the Next A-10

Stavatti thinks it can wrap a new plane around the Warthog’s gun

Stavatti, the mercurial, Minnesota-based aerospace startup, has dusted off its old proposal for a new attack plane to partially replace the U.S. Air Force’s venerable A-10 Warthog.

The Machete, which is still just a concept, would come in two variants optimized for close air support — the propeller-driven SM-27 and the jet-propelled SM-28. Stavatti has proposed other variants of the Machete for air-to-air combat and advanced training.

The SM-27 and SM-28 are both single-engine, single-seat planes. They’re both armed with the same GAU-8 30-millimeter cannon that the A-10 also carries.

In proposing the Machete — actually, re-proposing it — Stavatti is hoping to benefit from the Air Force’s renewed interest in a light attack plane to complement the 1970s-vintage A-10. “Machete is a big project around here,” said Chris Beskar, Stavatti’s CEO.

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WNU editor: I wish them luck.

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Steven Krische said...

First thought: I don't like going to a single engine from the current redundant engine setup.