Sunday, February 26, 2017

Islamic State Unleashes Its Drones On Iraqi Forces In Mosul

Wall Street Journal: Islamic State Drones Terrorize Iraqi Forces as Mosul Battle Rages

Militant group uses increasingly sophisticated drone technology to target troops, civilians

As they advance into Islamic State’s remaining urban stronghold of west Mosul, Iraqi forces are struggling to counter the terror caused by the militant group’s drones.

Iraqi forces have grown accustomed to enemy drones flying over the battlefield since Islamic State seized swaths of the country in 2014. They have used rifle fire and high-tech gadgets to counter them, and even have drones of their own.

But the militants have fine-tuned their drone technology. What were once improvised, remote-controlled aircraft resembling model planes are now commercially available quadcopters—drones with four helicopter-like blades—that have been retrofitted to carry grenades that can be dropped over targets.

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More News On The Islamic State's Use Of Drones In The Battle For Mosul

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