Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- February 22, 2017

The RT-2PM Topol ballistic missile © Alexandr Kryazhev / Sputnik

RT: 96% of Russian ballistic missile launchers ready for immediate use – defense minister

Ninety-nine percent of Russia’s intercontinental ballistic missile launchers are combat-capable, while 96 percent are ready to be used on short notice, ensuring an efficient strategic deterrent, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu told MPs.

“The intercontinental ballistic missiles launchers are being maintained in a way that allows to ensure a nuclear deterrent,” Shoigu told Russian MPs at a State Duma session on Wednesday.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- February 22, 2017

Russia’s strategic nuclear forces to be 90% armed with modern weaponry by late 2020 -- TASS

Planes, tanks, ships: Russian military gets massive upgrade -- AP

Russian tech giant develops material to camouflage military equipment from smart weapons -- TASS

State-of-the-Art Defense: One Russia's S-400 Worth Four US Patriot PAC-3 -- Sputnik

Over 80% of Russian Land Force's Missile Units Already Armed With Iskander-M -- Sputnik

Russia Has Its Own A-10 Warthog (And It Was Meant to Be a NATO-Killer) -- National Interest

Russia's defense chief to mobilize new cyber army -- TASS

Russia military acknowledges new branch: info warfare troops -- AP

Defense chief praises Russian military's success in Syria -- TASS

Russia and US might launch joint operations against terrorists in Raqqa — minister -- TASS

Turkey Envisions Joint Operation With US to Rid Syria of ISIS -- Newsweek/Reuters

US commander: 'Perhaps' more troops will be sent to Syria -- The Hill

More American troops may be sent to Syria – US commander -- RT

Trump will get Pentagon’s strategy to defeat Islamic State next week -- Washington Times

US San Diego carrier begins closely watched patrol of the South China Sea -- Navy Times

China close to finishing buildings on South China Sea islands that could house missiles, US says -- The Guardian

China displays trimaran frigate design -- Defense News

Blackwater founder is reportedly working to set up a private army in China -- CBS

Turkey lifts military ban on Islamic headscarf -- The Guardian

Germany to expand army and send tanks to Lithuania as Nato-Russia buildup continues -- The Independent

NATO Promises Increase in Tempo of Air, Naval Patrols on Black Sea --

Tragedy of the Public Good: Why the U.S. Shouldn't Quit NATO -- Megan McArdle, Bloomberg

The Truth About Europe Paying Its ‘Fair Share’ For NATO -- Terrell Jermaine Starr, Fox Trot Alpha

Iraq Wants, But Can’t Get, US Drone Zapper -- Defense Tech

US Army Ground Troops Urgently Seek Protection From Drones -- Sputnik

USAF's F-22 Raptors begin combined training with RAAF's F/A 18 Hornets -- AirForce-Technology

US Air Force ‘Urgently’ Needs Funds By April -- Defense One

SAIC Delivers First Amphibious Combat Vehicle to Marine Corps -- DoD Buzz

Poll: 80% of Americans view NATO as good for U.S. -- UPI

Military branches drafting expansion plans as Trump vows to rebuild 'depleted' force -- FOX News

McMaster needs Senate vote to retain military rank -- The Hill

Kremlin stays mum on new U.S. national security adviser -- AP

The Death Drones: People Working as UAV Operators 'Cease to Be Humans' -- Sputnik

Does The Military Really Use Saltpeter To Kill Troops’ Libidos? -- Sarah Sicard, Task & Purpose

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