Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Most Of Eastern Ukraine's Rebel Commanders Who Were Involved At The Beginning Of The War Are Now Dead

Mikhail Tolstykh(Givi). YouTube

Maxim Rust, New Eastern Europe: When a revolution devours its own children

The conflict in Eastern Ukraine, which has been going on for the past three years, led to not only the creation of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, but above all to the development of a small group of political and military elite in the region. As a result of the ongoing war, permanent crisis and confusion, people came to power who would not have done so during peacetime.

Some of them became popular heroes among the local population, and some celebrities in Russian television. However, the majority of them did not manage to enjoy the support of the masses for too long – almost all separatist leaders of the first wave are dead. Interestingly, the most famous fighters for freedom and independence of Donbas and the leaders of the insurgency died not on the frontline, but often in unresolved circumstances.

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WNU Editor: There are a lot of assumptions in this post on who killed these rebel commanders ....  the author believes that it was done primarily by local rebel leaders with Moscow's blessings .... but I say that the truth is probably more complicated than that. Is eastern Ukraine a chaotic mess .... yes .... but I can say the same for much of Ukraine. Armed groups (on all sides), oligarchs, corruption, mafia, private militias .... this is now the new norm in much of Ukraine .... and let us just say that law and order is not the priority for those who are benefiting from this chaos. Have rebel commanders been murdered by rival rebel commanders .... I would not be surprised. Have rebel commanders been assassinated by Kiev-backed hit squads .... again I would not be surprised. Do people in Ukraine want the war to end .... I would say that 90% do want an end .... I certainly hear that all the time when I talk with my family and friends who are still living in Ukraine. But the men who have the guns .... and who have the power in both Kiev and in the rebellious eastern provinces .... are operating from a different playbook .... and for the moment they have zero interest to end this conflict. As for Russia's role .... they are the "bogey-man" in this war. Blamed and curse by all for this war .... even though the ones who are dying in the fields are 99% Ukrainian. In the end .... my prediction is that Moscow/Russia will win. Moscow will not be responsible for the hundreds of billions that will be necessary to rebuild Ukraine .... that burden will fall on the shoulders of the West and for those who have decided to remain in Ukraine. The Russian dominated eastern part of Ukraine will also get their autonomy from Kiev .... and a veto on Ukraine relations with the West. And Crimea .... that will remain a part of Russia.


Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that you point out it's the west who has to pay for it... and I don't disagree. . I just find it interesting as its a form of war that Russia is good at.. it's a win:win for Russia.. if they succeed, they get parts of Ukraine. . And if they don't, they can bleed the west because we don't want our neighbours who share our values to be poor (wealth is the way of the west).. but we also find it unacceptable what Putin does. .in our eyes he's a murderous thug .. so how can we get back at him for doing all this? We can't... and that's the issue... every state who has nukes can basically plunder and rape its neighbours with only trade retaliation and sanctions to fear. .. if plundering and expanding your territory is a win in your book, you don't mind losing a few billions now because you'll make 10x more over time from your new territory/influenced state. . So what's the solution? Get rid of Putin? Who would dare? Maybe he doesn't have $200bn ..but he sure is one of the richest people on earth, has no morals and is likely crazy. ..makes Trump look like a saint

B.Poster said...

Since you can't get rid of Putin, act accordingly. He is the most powerful person in the world and Russia is the most powerful country in the world. If one acts accordingly, good outcomes are possible. Failure to understand reality, will likely only lead to bad endings. Realizing reality and acting accordingly has good possibilities.

Vladimir Putin is the most powerful person in the world. His country is the most powerful country in the world. This cannot be changed. US citizens and US leaders need decent relations with them. Better yet ask "how can we add value to the Russians and their leaders?"

Make the proper adjustments and good outcomes for America are possible. Failure to understand reality and good outcomes for America are problematic at best.

Anonymous said...

It is a price all soldiers must be ready to pay. I pray for their souls and hope all russians and sympathisers should go to Donetsk and free all off Novoruss.

Andrew Jackson said...

Lenin's tomb will burn, stupid Russkis!

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