Sunday, February 26, 2017

Philippine Military Has Launched Airstrikes Against Abu Sayyaf

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DW: Philippines military launches airstrikes on Abu Sayyaf

The Philippine military has launched airstrikes against a group threatening to behead a German man. The deadline for the delivery of a 566,000-euro ransom has passed with no updates.

The Philippine military has continued airstrikes on Abu Sayyaf ahead of a ransom deadline, a military spokesman said on Sunday.
The militants issued their "final ultimatum" nearly two weeks ago, saying they would behead a 70-year-old German hostage if they did not receive 30 million pesos (566,000 euros/$600,000) by 3 p.m. (0700 UTC) on Sunday. There have been no updates since the deadline passed.

"The armed forces will pursue the enemy and dictate the terms - not the other way around," military spokesman Brigadier General Restituto Padilla said. "The operations are not only aimed at rescuing hostages, but also to significantly degrade enemy capabilities."

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WNU Editor: I guess the Philippine government/military are responding to reports of this .... Military checking reports of German beheading (

1 comment:

Aizino Smith said...

It is a very bad thing that the German was beheaded?

So what.

Why is it worse that German is beheaded than local Filipinos?

It should be upsetting that Abu Sayyaf is beheading anyone, local or non-local.

It is upsetting that there are too many ignorant people, especially God Forsaken LIBERALS, that think there are two wars, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Lately they belatedly remember or caught wind of Yemen, Somalia and the rest of Africa.

I suppose it is really too much to ask for a dumbass LIBERAL (sorry that was a pleonasm, so we will just say LIBTARD or LIBERAL. They are synonymous.) to know there is but 1 war with multiple theatres of conflict.

Well 'brown' never matter much to a LIBTARD except as a prop & a tool to further enrich themselves.