Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Robots Are Taking Over The U.S. Military

Stephen Baack, U.S. Army Photo

San Diego Union Tribune: Robots poised to take over wide range of military jobs

The wave of automation that swept away tens of thousands of American manufacturing and office jobs during the past two decades is now washing over the armed forces, putting both rear-echelon and front-line positions in jeopardy.

“Just as in the civilian economy, automation will likely have a big impact on military organizations in logistics and manufacturing,” said Michael Horowitz, a University of Pennsylvania professor and one of the globe’s foremost experts on weaponized robots.

“The U.S. military is very likely to pursue forms of automation that reduce ‘back-office’ costs over time, as well as remove soldiers from non-combat deployments where they might face risk from adversaries on fluid battlefields, such as in transportation.”

Driver-less vehicles poised to take taxi, train and truck driver jobs in the civilian sector also could nab many combat-support slots in the Army.

Warehouse robots that scoot goods to delivery vans could run the same chores inside Air Force ordnance and supply units.

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WNU editor: I can only imagine what the U.S. military will look like 50 years from now.


Sean Austin said...

Soldier-"sorry sarg I can't come in today"
Sarge- "thats fine, can you remote on with the vr headset to your drone thats on the ai aircraft carrier okay?"
Soldier-*sips coffee* "already done"
Sarge-*from small cubicle down the street*"Excellent."

James said...

Heh, that's pretty good.

On another note, how are they controlled? Do they have instructions? If not and are autonomous, they must make value judgements in order to operate. How is that done? On what basis of parameters (ethics if you will), written by whom? How are they powered and for how long?
I've for many years have anticipated the rise of robots, at the very least as a component of blended human/robot forces, but as I have listed above there are many questions (and many I've not listed). In some way or another they are the future, but how I, and I doubt anyone else has any clue.