Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Russian Military Is Building A Replica Of The German Parliament For Cadets To Practice Storming

The photo of the Reichstag building in Berlin with the Soviet flag raised above it is one of the most iconic from World War II and considered by many to be the ultimate symbol of Russia’s victory over Nazi Germany in 1945. @Wikipedia

An earlier, temporary model of the Reichstag at Patriot Park, which will be replaced by a permanent building (с) Oboronstroy

Washington Post: The Russian military is building a mini-Reichstag at its amusement park so that kids have ‘a real building to storm’

MOSCOW — What happens when you combine a military targeting the next generation of soldiers and the sacred memory of World War II in Russia?

“We're building a Reichstag in Patriot Park,” Sergei Shoigu, Russia's defense minister, announced during a parliamentary address Wednesday. “Not to full size, but so our 'youth army soldiers' can storm not just any building, but a concrete place.”

A quick rundown of terms. Patriot Park is the Russian army's amusement park (sometimes called “military Disneyland"), which opened last year near Moscow. The “youth army” is a network of youth groups across Russia created by the military to instill patriotism in children and teach them military skills, like how to assemble and disassemble an automatic rifle. And the Reichstag is the neo-Baroque building in Berlin that housed parliament under the German empire and the Weimar Republic. And it has been the seat of the German parliament since 1999.

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