Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The U.S. Is Not Ready To Respond To A Radio-logical Terrorist Attack On American Soil

Jana Winter, Daily Mail: Why America Can’t Spot Dirty Bombs

As Trump preps a new executive order to stop would-be terrorists before they enter the country, a government report finds the threat could come from within—and we aren’t prepared.

While President Trump doubles down on the hypothetical threats of incoming terrorists posing as refugees, he might be ignoring a very real concern here at home: The U.S. is largely underprepared to detect or respond to the threat of a radiological terrorist attack on American soil.

A so-called Red Team from the U.S. federal agency charged with evaluating domestic capabilities to defend against dirty bomb and weapons of mass destruction attacks found gaping holes in domestic nuclear detection and defense capabilities and massive failures during covert testing. That’s according to the most recent annual report by the Department of Homeland Security’s Domestic Nuclear Detection Office.

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WNU Editor: This is one of those stories where everyone is talking about it .... but no one in Washington is seriously doing anything about it.


opit said...

Nobody in Washington wants to draw attention to the elephant in the room - and I don't mean Israel and its WMD. First : the b.s. assessment of risk from people without the resources to present a risk : the 'Axis of Evil' consists of states without WMD who would like to see it gone.
Note then, that part of the situation is misrepresentation of real concerns. Another is suppression of misuse of Toxic Radioactive Proliferators as a real concern because of messing with design parameters - Fukushima being located in an earthquake zone prone to violent tsunamis being not an accident....but a matter of the turnkey operation being pushed through over objections of engineers at both GE and the contractor. Such being a matter of speculation is undermined by plans which illustrate similar use planning. That would be startling enough, except construction of submarine style reactors was implemented in the USA -and sited in places like the Mississippi emergency floodway.

Aizino Smith said...

Yo could walk across the border with a suitcases during Obummer's reign