Friday, March 10, 2017

Are We Taking President Trump's Tweets Too Literally?

WNU Editor: From the AP .... House intel chair: Media take Trump tweets too literally (AP). When it comes to the Presidency .... especially the U.S. Presidency .... I believe everything that comes out from that office should be taken seriously. But in the case of President Trump.... considering the fact that he was elected as an outsider .... and he is definitely not a real politician in the conventional sense .... a new rule book has to be established. In my case I probably adopted this "new" playbook about a year ago when I started to follow then candidate Trump closely. I now have a rather good idea on when he is joking/or not being serious .... and when he is playing up to his base .... who by the way do love what he tweets, and who do understand the language that he uses .... especially when he goes after his critics. As for the main stream media and President Trump's critics and opponents .... who still view President Trump as a conventional politician .... they still do not get it, and I do not expect them to at anytime in the future. That is why they cannot take him down, and why his favourable numbers are around 50% .... even with the constant and overwhelming negative press that he has been receiving since he started his campaign a year and a half ago. And for the press and the Republican establishment who did not make President Trump .... this is a problem .... because they do want him gone .... they just do not know how. But I do know who is the only person who can take President Trump down .... and that is President Trump himself .... and for the moment that is not going to happen.

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