Sunday, March 26, 2017

Civilian Casualties From U.S.-Coalition Airstrikes Are Hitting Record Numbers Right Now


The Independent: Civilian deaths from US-led airstrikes hit record high under Donald Trump

'These reported casualty levels are comparable with some of the worst periods of Russian activity in Syria,' says

A non-profit organisation that tracks civilian casualties caused by airstrikes in the Middle East said it has shifted nearly all of its resources to track a surge of claims regarding US-led strikes in Syria and Iraq.

The group, called, had been tracking deaths caused by both Russian and US airstrikes but said in a statement Friday that it was suspending its work on "alleged Russian actions in Syria -- so as best to focus our limited resources on continuing to properly monitor and assess reported casualties from the US and its allies.

"Almost 1,000 civilian non-combatant deaths have already been alleged from coalition actions across Iraq and Syria in March - a record claim," the statement said. "These reported casualty levels are comparable with some of the worst periods of Russian activity in Syria."

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WNU Editor: One thing that I know about battles and wars is that when they are coming to a close .... casualty numbers go through the roof. And in the battles that are now waging across much of Iraq and Syria .... many of them are coming to a close right now. My prediction .... especially in a place like Mosul's Old City .... expect civilian casualty rates to explode in the coming weeks/months.


Aizino Smith said...

The U.S. is using different rules of engagement than the ones I knew.

The U.S. should pull out of Mosul and let the Iranians bleed.

Gregb325 said...

Unfortunately, the first question that comes to mind is who "owns" and what is their agenda

Stephen Davenport said...

Tough shit for the civilians. They should have got out when they could, deal with it.

Andrew Jackson said...

Fake news.

Aizino Smith said...


I am not going to argue with you. You may be right.

I have said similar things like "If you do not overthrow your aggressive 'dictator', then do not bemoan, if others do and you get hurt.".

- But if they had left where would they go?
- What charity can they expect from other Muslims?

Christians give charity, but Muslims are more lauded for it these days. Maybe it is that they say charity in a foreign language and Leftists / Liberals go goo-goo ga-ga.

I mean if you say charity, eyes roll. If you say zakat, the Ted Koeppel, Brokaws, Dan Rathers and their ilk swoon.

"You had me at "Zakat"" - Dan Rather.

Without EU & American $$$, the refugees that there are presently would have died of famine in Turkey or elsewhere in the Muslim world.

Muslims say zakat and Muslims give a little zakat, but is it virtue signaling.

Other than to buy votes in Istanbul or Lebanon, what does Islamic charity do? Can it feed the hungry in Somalia, the refugees in Turkey, etc?

The Muslim version of zakat in Dharfur is "Arbeit Macht Frei"