Monday, March 20, 2017

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria: Trump "Has Spent His Whole Life Bullshitting"

WNU Editor: Trump is a "bullshitter". "Pathological liar". Should not criticise the courts and media who criticise him. etc. etc. etc... This is what now passes for commentary and analysis on CNN today.


jon said...

They are getting desperate.

Jay Farquharson said...

Hair Furour is a bullshitter,

Once upon a time media called bullshit for what it was,

Then, for far too long, media clung to fake "ballence", presenting a Jurassic Period Archeologist's science with the same weight as some Creationist's Jeebus rode a TRex.

Agent Orange is nothing but bullshit and conspiracy theories.

RussInSoCal said...

I wonder if the troll ever gets tired of masturbating to the same fake political porn.

Hope not. Hope it keeps posting it here. Easier for me.

(or else I'd have to spend effort and time clearing my browser of cookies)

TWN said...

Both the Media and So Called Political Leadership are considered by most people BS Artists, most people I know are disgusted by the lot, and consider them bad jokes, considering these Arse Holes have power over us all. My personal experience I have known 2 Nova Scotia Premiers and a number of MP's and MLA's, power hungry morons without any common sense, without ethics and as more corrupt than any prison jail bird. My cousin is in the media dumb as a post that boy, but very hansom, pretty sure that's how he got the job.