Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Did The U.S. Just Invade Syria?

Adam Linehan, Task & Purpose: Did The US Military Just Invade Syria?

Several days ago, a convoy of U.S. troops was spotted crossing the border into Syria from Iraqi Kurdistan. The convoy, comprised mostly of hulking Stryker armored fighting vehicles, was en route to the Syrian village of Manbij, which was recently liberated from ISIS. It’s the most overt U.S. military action on the ground in Syria to date. In fact, each vehicle in the convoy was outfitted with a large American flag. The soldiers were meant to be seen. It didn’t take long for photos to surface on the internet, and the Department of Defense was prepared with an explanation.

According to Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman, the soldiers were deployed to Syria to keep peace among the myriad militias and other forces who have temporarily set aside longstanding feuds to focus on repelling ISIS from Manbij. “It’s a visible reminder, for anybody who’s looking to start a fight, that the only fight that should be going on right now is with ISIS,” Davis told the Associated Press.

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WNU Editor: We shall see where this deployment ends up. My gut tells me that they will soon be on their way to Raqqa.


jimbrown said...

Payback for Pristina.

B.Poster said...

Just whst constitutes an "invasion?" There are a number of coubtries whose armed forces are operating in and around Syria. Are they all invading Syria?

I would suggest an "invasion" is sending even one soldier into a country uninvited by its government acting on behalf of the government who sent them. Sending people from one country into another country while circumventing the laws of the country they are entering is also an invasion of that country.

If this is payback for Pristina or something to this effect, that is unlikely to have a happy ending.

The nain foreign policy goal needs to defusing the tensions surrounding Cold War II and ultimately ending it. Engaging in activities that the Russians may derm provocative are not going to help especially when there's no good reason within America's national interests to do so,

Anonymous said...

New Russian spec ops footage...somewhere in Syria.

Alix Lion said...

Big wow

Jay Farquharson said...

"Marines from an amphibious task force have left their ships in the Middle East and deployed to Syria, establishing an outpost from which they can fire artillery guns in support of the fight to take back the city of Raqqa from the Islamic State, defense officials said."