Saturday, March 11, 2017

Do U.S. Spies Live In fear On What President Trump May Tweet Next?

Kimberly Dozier, Daily Beast: U.S. Spies Live in Fear of Trump’s Next Tweet

Washington’s national security professionals are bracing for the president’s next Twitter storm, and frantically subscribing to @realDonaldTrump alerts so they can manage the fallout from his latest rage tweets.

As Friday evening draws to a close around Washington, D.C., the city’s tight-knit and secretive national security clan goes to sleep with a new unease. It’s not Syria or Iran or even North Korea they’re most worried about. They’re uncertain just what President Donald Trump may tweet in the wee hours before they wake, and what they’ll have to do to manage the fallout.

“It’s accurate that we don’t always know what’s coming,” one senior U.S. official said with a shrug, as the weekend approached. “We are making sure we are following the president’s tweets because it’s often the first place we hear things.”

In a community that once shunned social media for fear it would damage careers or threaten security clearances, spooks, spies, and special operators are now are signing up for Twitter accounts and setting up @realDonaldTrump and @POTUS alerts so they can find out the inner thinking of their commander in chief, and protect their own bosses from fallout.

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WNU Editor: I can understand why the intel community wants everything to be calm and normal .... as human beings we like (and want) that. But considering the numerous intel failures that the U.S. has had to endure since 9/11 .... and how politicised they have become in the process .... maybe they do need some shaking-up .... and big time.


jimbrown said...

Enough already about Intel upset about trump

Anonymous said...

Loyalty To Trump u be ok

jimbrown said...

What does the spy survey say? O admin sacrifice some sources to push the Russia non story. Hrc certainly made a few people nervous with her open server access.

Anonymous said...

Intel leaderships should take a deep breath and start supporting Pres. Trump rather than undermining him by leaking top secret Intel to the liberal press, who are indeed enemies of the people and should be treated as such. If any loyal agency personnel know who is doing the leaking, they could give their careers a big boost and gain the thanks of the nation by telling the President who is betraying him and the nation both.

Anonymous said...

Just so that everyone knows, that's a different "anonymous" above ..
Calling the press an "enemy of the people" is very undemocratic imo...we really need to watch out.. Russians not only want to make our lives bad, but they are trying so by creating civil unrest, pitching us against one another. .because they realised they can't keep up financially (just look at their gdp!), nor militarily if you're honest. .sure they can invade a country like Ukraine and slap around Georgia. .but it's something else if they try that shit against someone of their size or bigger (they always pick small under developed countries)... anyways. .back to the topic. ..Russians are trying to undermine democracy in the US and actually cause fighting and instability and slowness in political reaction..very dangerous..