Monday, March 27, 2017

DR Congo's Militia Conflict In Kasai Region Results In 42 Policemen Being Decapitated

DW: Scores of policemen killed in Democratic Republic of Congo

Forty-two police officers have been decapitated by a Congolese militia group after the officers' vehicles were ambushed. The country's Kasai region has seen seven months of severe violence amid local power struggles.

Members of the Kamwena Nsapu militia were behind the attack on a convoy of two police trucks in the DRC's Kasia Central province, a local official said.

The attack between the cities of Tshikapa and Kananga occurred on Friday, according to Kasai Assembly President Francois Kalamba.
Local reports said many of the officers were decapitated and others were shot dead.

Six policemen were released because they spoke the local Tshiluba language, he said.

The militia fighters, who are often armed with machetes but rarely carry firearms, made off with weapons and vehicles during the raid, Kalamba added.

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Steven Krische said...

I wonder where this is headed?

Aizino Smith said...



5 million years or so since humans split off from the chimpanzees and we are still not better than them.

Aizino Smith said...

This is close to the capital.

We are not talking about Katanga.

Someone in government ought to give other people a little something.

The DR Congo government had be better get good at breaking heads. IMO that is how it happened in Europe during the migration Period, the Dark Ages and Early Medieval Period.

The Swedish king wanted a berserker and his 12 bezerker sons to swear fealty. the Bezerker did not, but he was cornered in his house. He would not swear and he would not give up.

The king torched the dwelling.

On the plus side they had peace.

On the negative side look at the Swedes now. They are as brave as naked mole rats and yet so insipid that they will hand their whole country over to invaders.

I guess the king changed the population genetics (Monoamine oxidase A) in Sweden. Likewise other European kings changed the population genetics in Europe and now Europe is deficient.

There is now reason why the Europe should have a lower rate of the warrior gene except perhaps when the went from tribal to kingdoms and then nations, the warrior gene, Monoamine oxidase allele, was vastly reduced.

TWN said...

Bring them here so we can be Culturally Enriched.

Aizino Smith said...


I know you are kidding.

I read where the government was letting out visas a while back because we did not have enough culinary diversity. We needed more Chinese restaurants. This was about 1991.

I was traveling through Oregon and saw a town of 2,000, middle of nowhere.

It had a Chinese restaurant.

I thought the purpose of school was to teach people things.

a culinary school cannot teach a white, a black, a Hispanic how to cook Chinese food or fusion food?

The Obama admin gave out diversity visas. that is how people from Togo end up here.

I am not sure how the one I am acquainted with slightly supports himself, but Obama surely patted himself on his back.