Thursday, March 23, 2017

Editor's Note

Was in a car accident this afternoon. Was at a red light .... two cars collided in front of me and one of them crashed into mine. All involved are OK .... but it could have been very bad. Fortunately ... I was driving the GF's old SUV .... so no great loss.
My big problem was getting back home .... but I am here now, and blogging should be back within the hour.


Aizino Smith said...

WNU was driving a 'beater'.

Cars which are not pretty. The shine of the pain is gone or they have dents and rust.

But they are paid for and they can be reliable.

Joe said...

Editor, glad to hear you are OK. I sent you an email on March 17, reprinted below, but received no reply. I thought I would try to convey my message via a comment to your post. It is below. Thank you.

"Look forward to your comments on

Do you accept donations for your blog? Would you rather I donate to Bookyards? I really value and rely upon your blog, and wanted to express my appreciation for it. Thank you"

War News Updates Editor said...

Aizinio. My car is a 2016 BMW 5. I switched with the GF because I am transporting materials to redo my kitchen and her basement .... and I do not want to do it in my nice car. She has another SUV (which her daughter is driving since her mom is driving my car) .... so no great loss. But man .... I did like her old SUV ... and I am sure her daughter will be wondering if we will be getting her a car of her own.

Now .... I envy my brother. He has a new car, but he is still driving his old Ford pickup truck. It's 20+ years old .... and it is still going strong.

War News Updates Editor said...

Joe. I did get your email and I put it in the folder "to respond". Life has just been a bit hectic this past week. but I will be emailing you back this weekend when life has quieted down.

Sheerah said...

Glad you're ok - and everyone else!
Personally, I refuse to drive anything that won't win in an accident.... Raised 5 kids & have 8 grandkids (and counting) - refuse to put any of them at risk. Glad you had an older SUV - the newer ones seem like they're made of fiberglass...