Thursday, March 30, 2017

EU President Warns President Trump That He Will Support Independence For Ohio And Texas

CNN: I'll back Texas independence, EU's Juncker warns Trump

(CNN)The president of the executive arm of the European Union had a message for US President Donald Trump on Thursday: mind your own business.

"The newly elected US president was happy that the Brexit was taking place and has asked other countries to do the same," European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker said. However, he warned, "if he goes on like that I am going to promote the independence of Ohio and Austin, Texas, in the United States of America."

Juncker, a Luxembourg politician who has been president of the European Commission since 2014, was speaking at the conference of the center-right European People's Party (EPP) in Malta.

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WNU Editor: European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker clearly has no clue on how Americans think .... let alone Texans.

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Anonymous said...

Real stupidTexas love America we don't bow down to Europe

Steven Krische said...

While Texans have a strong independent lone star state mentality. This is not going to happen. Just a pathetic response by Juncker.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this guy supports even Federalization for Eastern Ukrainians.

Anonymous said...

He has a better chance of turning Jay into a Conservative.....LMFAO

Aizino Smith said...


One wonders about the surname.

It sound like then name of some one born to the aristocracy and yet is a very challenged person.

Juncker is privileged way beyond his ability/