Thursday, March 9, 2017

FBI Director Comey: There Is No Longer 'Absolute Privacy' In US

CNN: Comey: 'There is no such thing as absolute privacy in America'

(CNN)FBI Director James Comey warned Wednesday that Americans should not have expectations of "absolute privacy," adding that he planned to finish his term leading the FBI.

"There is no such thing as absolute privacy in America; there is no place outside of judicial reach," Comey said at a Boston College conference on cybersecurity. He made the remark as he discussed the rise of encryption since 2013 disclosures by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden revealed sensitive US spy practices.

"Even our communications with our spouses, with our clergy members, with our attorneys are not absolutely private in America," Comey added. "In appropriate circumstances, a judge can compel any one of us to testify in court about those very private communications."

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WNU Editor: This is not what I like to hear from the FBI Director.

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Anonymous said...

1984 coming alive

Alix Lion said...

It all started in England and look what happened monkey see monkey does what a world

Stephen Davenport said...

He is an acceptable losses guy, its going to happen so why bother kind of douchebag. Comey is showing them negative waves

fred lapides said...

call me old fashioned, but I recall when NSA job was to monitor what went in and out of our nation to overseas. Now of course they monitor all things, everwhere. And the FBI worked within our borders. Now they are all over the world. And the CIA? they were not allowed--back then--to do anything domestic, but now, they not only spy on us but use high tech stuff just like the NSA, so that tax payers can fund two operations doing what seems to be similar spying. Wonder if they compare notes?