Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Former MI6 Agent Behind The Trump Dossier Has Returned To Work

The Guardian: Former MI6 agent behind Trump dossier returns to work

Christopher Steele speaks publicly for first time since the file was revealed and thanks supporters for ‘kind messages’

The former MI6 agent behind the controversial Trump dossier has returned to work, nearly two months after its publication caused an international scandal and furious denials from Washington and Moscow.

Christopher Steele posed for a photograph outside the office of his business intelligence company Orbis in Victoria, London on Tuesday. Speaking for the first time since his dossier was revealed, Steele said he had received messages of support.

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WNU Editor: He went into hiding because he feared that Russian intelligence would kill him. And now he shows up .... all smiles without a care in the world .... and stating no comment. Very strange.

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Update: Hmmmm .... this is now getting interesting .... Grassley probes FBI's ties to British spy who investigated Trump (The Hill).


B.Poster said...

This is strange. Why would Russian Intelligence kill him? The whole story was bogus. Even the Russians deny it. Someone of the level of gross incompetence as that exhibited by Mr. Steele does not deserve death. Such a person deserves ridicule and loss of their job. After such an error as he made, it seems really strange that he is returning to work as intelligence agent.

fred lapides said...

Poster: not sure what you mean when you say (1) the story was bogus and (2)such an error. Have you seen what he has and which the FBI was willing to buy but the GOP does not want bought? I have. The real issue is authenticating what he has.

War News Updates Editor said...

This is getting interesting ....


B.Poster said...


Even the Russians deny it. True we haven't seen what he has and won't because to do so would reveal the falsehood involved.

If such a claim were true, given the severity of the claim, all sources and methods need to be released as well as all information. As with false claims such as this, those who make them scurry from the light like cock roaches. The best we can do for vermin like Mr. Steele is to shine the light on them and ridicule them.

As for the FBI wanting to buy this, why buy a load of manure unless you are in on the witch hunt? As such, this seems to be the only reasonable conclusion. As for the Republicans not wanting to buy this, two things likely come in to play. 1.)Since the Republican leadership wants to destroy DJT, it is more prudent to spend time on things that are credible than to go down rabbit holes like this one. To much credibility has already been lost. 2.)There are at least a few adults left who actually feel a need to move on to things like growing economy, improving the military, reforming the intel services, etc. In other words, focus on things that will actually benefit the American people.

When DJT claims BHO tapped his phones, the media is right to demand proof. With regards to the allegations of DHT with regards to Russia proof needs to be supplied as well. In he case of the former, even if DHT's claim is false no real harm is done to the country. In the case of the allegations about Russia that have no proof, very real harm is being done. Careful diplomatic efforts are being undermined. These wild and reckless accusations have and continue to make it more difficult to conduct successful negotiations to end Cold War II.

Since the British long declared America an enemy since long before DJT arrived and this hatred has only intensified since he arrived, it stands to reason that someone who makes slanderous allegations against him would not only not be fired but would show up smiling like h hasn't a care in the world.

B.Poster said...


Thanks for the link. I'm not sure I'd use the term "interesting" to describe this. The term I'd be more likely to use is "infuriating." With the massive litany of problems the US currently has for our leaders to still be wasting time on this puts all Americans in grave danger. At this point, from this article it appears the FBI, agent Christopher Steele of M16, and the Clinton campaign may have conspired to slander Mr. Trump.

If Mr. Trump were not a public official, Mr. Steele would very likely be looking at a massive lawsuit for slander. He gets to keep his job on top of this!!

Anonymous said...

Bposter. .always amazing to see how much effort you put in and hatred you have (calling Mr. Steele all kind of names and that even death is too good for him )..what is going on with you? Mr steele was bad for trump.. but so were many things..why react like thar? ....Mr. Steele was also bad for uncovering Russian influence. ..ah. .now I get it. .you're back on team Russia... calling for people to die or worse .. wow