Saturday, March 25, 2017

Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden Regrets Not Running For The Presidency

The Hill: Biden: I regret not being president

Former Vice President Joe Biden late Friday night voiced regret about his decision not to run for president, predicting if he had secured the Democratic nomination he could have won against Donald Trump.

"I had planned on running for president and although it would have been a very difficult primary, I think I could have won," he said. "I don't know, maybe not. But I thought I could have won."

"I had a lot of data and I was fairly confident that if I were the Democratic Party's nominee, I had a better than even chance of being president," Biden continued.

Biden explained that he didn't regret the time he was able to spend with his son Beau Biden, who later died after battling cancer.

“But do I regret not being president? Yes,” Biden said. "I was the best qualified."

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Update #1: Biden regrets not running: 'I could have won' (UPI)
Update #2: Biden says if he'd run for president in 2016 he could have won (AP)

WNU Editor: No offence to the Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden supporters, but Hillary Clinton was the best candidate that the Democrats had.


Anonymous said...

I do not agree with you. The only reason Trp won was that Hillary was so desposed by a lot of people (including me). I think both Bernie and Biden would have beaten Trump.

Those two candidates would never be so stupid either that they called large numbers of potential voters deplorables (that really made a lot of nonvoters interested on votinh for Trump). Both Biden and Bernie have also avoided a lot of scandals while Hillary all the time seems to get on trouble

TWN said...

The Corruption of the Clinton's played a big factor it's loss, totally the wrong person for the job. Sanders even though a leftist is an honest man, that cannot be said about the Clinton's or that pervert Biden.

fred lapides said...

I might have been my class president in high school had I allowed my name to be entered as a candidate.

Andrew Jackson said...

Bunch of old fogies! Young boys rise up and crush this gang of thieves!