Sunday, March 26, 2017

How U.S. Artillery Is Being Used To 'Obliterate' Islamic State Fighters In Syria

US Marines with Battalion Landing Team 3/8, 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit move a M-777 Lightweight Howitzer into place on the flight deck of USS Carter Hall at the Morehead City Port, NC, August 28, 2010.Staff Sgt. Danielle Bacon/US Marine Corps

Business Insider: This is the massive cannon US Marines are using to obliterate ISIS fighters in Syria

As coalition forces slowly make gains in liberating Mosul from ISIS control, another campaign to finally oust the terror group's forces is taking place in Raqqa, Syria.

According to The Washington Post, a contingent of US Marines from the 1st Battalion, 4th Marine regiment recently established a combat outpost in Syria to assist local US-backed forces, who have begun their assault on the city.

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WNU Editor: This is one of those under-reported stories in the war against the Islamic State. Who needs air strikes when you have spotters on the ground that can assist U.S. fire missions on where to point their artillery at.


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