Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Iran Admits That 2,100 Of Its Fighters Have Died in Syria And Iraq

Iranian soldiers march during the Army Day parade in Tehran on April 17, 2015. (File photo: AFP)

Trend: Iran-backed militias’ death toll in Syria soars

The number of fatalities among the Iranian-backed forces in Syria has reached 2,100, a senior official says.

Seyed Mohammad Ali Shahidi, the head of Iranian foundation of martyrs and veterans affairs, has said that 2,100 “shrine-defenders” have been killed in Syria, Mehr news agency reported.

Iranian officials describe those Iranian, Afghan and Pakistani troops deployed to Syria and Iraq to back Damascus and Baghdad in fight against terrorists and armed opposition groups as “shrine-defenders”.

Seyed Mohammad Ali Shahidi last November put the death toll at 1000.

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Update: Official admits 2,100 Iran fighters killed in Iraq, Syria (AFP)

WNU editor: Iran lost tens of thousands of soldiers during the Iran-Iraq war .... 2,100 in their eyes is just a drop in the bucket.


Anonymous said...

But that is actually a lot in this relatively short time since they entered..

László Mikó said...

Using "hundreds" instead of "tens" would be more correct.

As far as I know Iran is on the field of Syria for at least 5+ years, and in Iraq for about 3+, it's like loosing one soldier a day, which from one point of view is big, but the Syrian War had phases of 400+ death a day, so it's really not that bad. And Iranian casualties mostly come from hotspots, and important frontlines, which tend to increase losses.

Anonymous said...

The loss of human life is unfortunate, my condolences to the families.

That being said, it has to hurt the "mighty" Iran rhetoric to take losses like this (not including militias) while they claim to be able to wipe out U.S. and Israel.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the losses for ISIS? Where are they being trained right now?? How is it that they are still a threat??? Something isn't adding up here.

László Mikó said...


It's not about that Iran have a paper thin army, it's about the words and sentences they compose and show. 2000 Martyrs who died for fighting the puppets of the devil, evil US and Israel is still sounds better than telling they died in a meatgrinder in the middle of the desert, in a proxy war between Gulf states and Iran that lead to nowhere.

IS losses? They not trained in large number anymore, no more big joining waves or ways to enter the areas they currently control. Previously it was Turkey, and some reports were about basic training took place in Gulf states, but currently there is only one "grey" border area IS have control over, which is the Jordan-Syrian-Iraq(Anbar) triangle, but as far as I know US and Jordan Army is supposed to monitor this part. If you are interested in the numbers and their distributions, I wrote a summary about it about 3 month ago, you just need to subtract about 2-3000 combinedly as the result of this time span. Here is the link: http://warnewsupdates.blogspot.hu/2016/12/us-officials-number-of-isis-fighters.html