Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Iran Increasing Its Support For The Houthis In Yemen's War

Newly recruited Houthi fighters ride on the back or a truck during a parade before heading to the frontline to fight against government forces, in Sanaa, Yemen January 3, 2017. REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah/File Photo

Reuters: Exclusive: Iran steps up support for Houthis in Yemen's war - sources

Iran is sending advanced weapons and military advisers to Yemen's rebel Houthi movement, stepping up support for its Shi'ite ally in a civil war whose outcome could sway the balance of power in the Middle East, regional and Western sources say.

Iran's enemy Saudi Arabia is leading a Sunni Arab coalition fighting the Houthis in the impoverished state on the tip of the Arabian peninsula - part of the same regional power struggle that is fuelling the war in Syria.

Sources with knowledge of the military movements, who declined to be identified, say that in recent months Iran has taken a greater role in the two-year-old conflict by stepping up arms supplies and other support. This mirrors the strategy it has used to support its Lebanese ally Hezbollah in Syria.

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WNU Editor: After 2 years of war, the humanitarian crisis keeps on getting worse .... Yemen at 'point of no return' as conflict leaves almost 7 million close to famine (The Guardian).

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"Iran is sending advanced weapons and military advisers to "

For the last year Jabber Jay, who marches in the same army as B(S) Poster has been in denial.