Friday, March 3, 2017

Is Russian Prime Minister Medvedev An Underground Billionaire?

DW: Russian opposition politician Navalny links PM Medvedev to billion euro property empire

Navalny alleges Medvedev took bribes from key Russian oligarchs under the guise of donations to charities. In a 49-minute expose Navalny even flies drones over lavish properties he alleges were bought with corrupt money.

Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny accused Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev of massive corruption in a report accompanied by a Youtube video he posted on Thursday.

The anti-corruption activist alleged Medvedev controls a property empire including mansions, yachts and vineyards financed by bribes from oligarchs to a network of non-profit organisations.

"Based on the documentation disclosed, we can confirm that at least 70 billion rubles (1.3 billion euros or US$1.19 billion) have been transferred in cash and assets to Medvedev's foundations," said Navalny, who heads the Anti-Corruption Foundation.

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WNU Editor: I supported Dimitri Medvedev when he became Russian President .... and the reason why was that he made it very clear to people like me that one of his top priorities was to implement a fair and just legal system for Russia. Contract law. Juries. Civil and criminal statutes. The whole nine yards. But after being sworn in as President the momentum to make these changes disappeared within a year. Russia is poorer today because of that .... but if the above report is even 10% true .... this reluctance to implement badly needed legal reforms in Russia ended up making former Russian President and now Prime minister Dimitri Medvedev a very rich man. Why did he change .... the answer is very simple. Washington is not the only place in the world that corrupts those who come to power with noble ideals but end up becoming part of the system and establishment .... Moscow has a long history of doing the same thing.

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TWN said...

A politician taking bribes, No No Say It's Not So. My whole belief system just crashed.