Monday, March 27, 2017

Kremlin Reacts To This Weekend`s Mass Protests Against Corruption

Reuters: Putin critic Navalny jailed after protests across Russia

Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny was handed a 15-day jail sentence on Monday for his part in a big anti-government protest in Moscow which buoyed the liberal opposition's morale a year before a presidential election.

Sunday's protest and others like it across Russia were estimated to be the largest since 2012 and foreshadow a presidential election which Vladimir Putin is expected to contest.

Opinion polls suggest Navalny, who hopes to run against Putin, has little chance of unseating the Russian leader, who enjoys high ratings. But Navalny and his supporters hope to channel public discontent over corruption to get more support.

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WNU Editor: Everyone was surprised by how large and how widespread these anti-corruption protests were in Russia this past weekend. Even though calls for people to turn out was widespread throughout Russian social media .... the expectation was that only a few cities would be involved, and only a few hundred protesters (here and there) would show up. Everyone was wrong .... the media, pundits, and local authorities .... no one expected the turnout that actually happened .... and I will admit that even I was surprised. But it is the Kremlin that is the most surprised .... taking 24 hours to respond via through state media ... and they are now hitting their critics hard. What`s my prediction for the future .... this Russian anti-corruption movement is going to grow because it hits every Russian .... and more to the point .... everyone knows that it is true. As to what is my favourite corruption story, it is this one .... In Two Years Russian President Putin's Son-In-Law Became A Billionaire (December 31, 2015).

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