Thursday, March 16, 2017

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- March 16, 2017

Newsweek: China Military Power: World's Largest Army to Expand from Asia to Africa

The world's biggest military is about to grow. Beijing announced last week it would increase military spending by about 7 percent, totaling about $147 billion. Beijing also plans to increase its marine corps by 400 percent in a bid to expand the nation's economic and military influence across Asia and into Africa, according to News Corp. Australian Network. With 2,3 million soldiers, Chinese leaders already command the largest standing army on the planet.

The initiative is reportedly part of China's "One Belt, One Road" campaign. Chinese President Xi Jinping announced in 2013 that the country would invest in historic "Silk Road" trade routes across the continent of Asia to Europe and Africa. China has since reportedly decided to increase the presence of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) in the Indian Ocean to protect intercontinental maritime links.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- March 16, 2017

China Promises to Defend South China Sea -- US News and World Report

China next US threat? Beijing beefs up military to protect trade -- Malia Zimmerman, FOX News

Japan raises China tensions by sending largest warship to 'train with US Navy' in South China Sea -- International Business Times

China promises ‘firm response’ if Japan interferes in South China Sea -- RT

China to Retaliate If Japan Sends Izumo Warship to South China Sea -- Sputnik

New Chinese Military Base in Africa Presents Security Concerns for US -- Sputnik

Taiwan Plans Military Spending Surge to Counter Rising China -- Bloomberg

Report: Taiwan gains decommissioned frigates -- UPI

THAAD radar arrives in South Korea over Chinese opposition -- UPI

South Korea says China lacks understanding about THAAD -- Reuters

North Korea accuses United States of deploying supersonic bomber -- UPI

Tank army in west Russia receives advanced short-range air defense missile systems -- TASS

Full tech transfer could derail Indo-Russian fifth-gen fighter program -- Defense News

One of Libya’s Rival Governments Asks Russia for Military Assistance -- VOA

Romania plans to buy 20 additional F-16s -- UPI

Pakistan Successfully Tests Anti-Ship Missile -- Sputnik

Canada confirms Super Hornet procurement plan -- UPI

Boeing gets $3.2B for Apache sales to Saudi Arabia -- UPI

US Navy Looks to Sea Life for New Ships -- RCD

US Army gets world record-setting 60-kW laser -- Defense News

Army Vows to “Re-imagine” How It Works with Innovative Firms -- DoD Buzz

Report: U.S. military's shrinking size and growing equipment age reflect DoD policies -- Military Times

Tension between CIA and Trump White House persists over personnel and policy -- Washington Post

Trump seems to confirm the CIA docs released by WikiLeaks -- New York Post

NSA, DOE say China's supercomputing advances put U.S. at risk -- Computer World

Trump taps NSA hacker Joyce for National Security Council cyber role -- Washington Times

Sources: Mattis, Ricardel clashed over Pentagon appointees -- Defense News

Army renames experimental and prototyping exercise, heads to Europe in 2018 -- Defense News

Sex assault reports up at Navy, Army academies -- AP

The Military’s Nude-Photo Sharing Scandal Is Worse Than We Thought -- Slate

How the Military Can Really Crack Down on Sexual Harassment -- Jerad W. Alexander, Rolling Stone

The Dangerous Effects Of The Military's Embrace Of Energy Drinks -- Modern War Institute

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