Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- March 21, 2017

Bill Gertz, Asia Times: China, Russia cozy up with arms deals, military drills

Setting aside more than a decade of niggles, Moscow and Beijing find common cause in fending off US containment is strong enough to rekindle ties

After curbing arms transfers and cooling military ties more than a decade ago, China and Russia are increasing joint exercises and stepping up sales of advanced weaponry to counter the US.

The most recent military maneuvers took place in the South China Sea in September. Ten Chinese warships and two submarines joined three Russian vessels in large-scale exercises that included drills in capturing islands.

The maneuvers coincided with an international court ruling that challenged Beijing’s vast maritime claim over 90% of the strategic waterway. It was the first time China has conducted naval exercises in the sea with a foreign military.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- March 21, 2017

Russia-China arms sales stoke US air superiority fears -- Financial Times

Japan, Russia hold first ‘two-plus-two’ talks since Crimea annexation -- Japan Times

Russian Black Sea Fleet warships land troops on Crimean coast in large-scale drills -- TASS

Repair of Russian Admiral Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier Will Begin This Year -- Sputnik

Russia to float out 1st upgraded Borey-class submarine in 2018 - TASS

Taiwan ‘targeted by mainland China’s top medium-range missiles’ -- South China Morning Post

How China is preparing for cyberwar -- CSM

S. Korean military says hacking threats growing -- Korea Times

U.S., South Korea to conduct naval exercises -- UPI

N. Korea focusing on ICBM reentry technology -- Korea Times

Japan Is Becoming Player in South China Sea Sovereignty Dispute -- VOA

Israel explains Arrow intercept of Syrian SAM -- Defense News

Kurds Say Pentagon Plans to 'Send 1,000 Troops to Syria in the Coming Weeks' -- Sputnik

Kurd militia says Russian army will train them, Moscow stays elusive -- DW

What's Behind German Intelligence Chief's Warning of 'Greater Russian Threat' -- Sputnik

German prosecutors investigate mountain ranger recruit abuse -- DW

How does Germany contribute to NATO? -- Lewis Sanders IV, DW

Pakistan fears military funds under scrutiny amid Trump aid cuts -- Stars and Stripes

US Marines, Romanian Troops Hold Black Sea Exercises -- AP

Rex Tillerson to skip Nato meeting - but visit Moscow -- BBC

While Trump Talks Tough, U.S. Quietly Cutting Nuclear Force
-- AP

The U.S. Army's Newest Spy Plane Is in Action in Africa and Latin America -- The Drive

U.S. Navy picks Austal for littoral combat ship services -- UPI

U.S. Army demos laser weapon with Stryker vehicle -- Space Daily/UPI

Large-scale land warfare takes center stage in new Army field manual -- Defense News

Uncertainty at State Department holding up new agreement on armed drones -- Defense News

The nation's foremost military experts have 39 ideas for modernizing its personnel system -- Military Times

Boeing, Lockheed Aircraft Win Big In Trump’s Budget Plan -- Aviation week

Watchdog finds problems persist with veterans suicide hotline -- The Hill

Pentagon: No life-threatening injuries for troops wounded in apparent insider attack -- Military Times

Other military branches now face scrutiny after Marines nude photo scandal -- Washington Times

Giving the Military More Money Won't Make It Win More -- Dominic Tierney, The Atlantic

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