Thursday, March 30, 2017

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- March 30, 2017

Washington Times: Gen. Joseph Votel: Rigorous rules of engagement remain unchanged for U.S. forces in Iraq, Syria

The rigorous rules of engagement under which U.S. forces battling Islamic State in Iraq and Syria operate remain unchanged, despite claims that subtle changes to those rules have opened the door to increased risk of civilian casualties.

“We have not relaxed the rules of engagement” for U.S. forces in Iraq and Syria, U.S. Central Command chief Gen. Joseph Votel told House defense lawmakers Wednesday.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- March 30, 2017

US military opens investigation into Mosul airstrike -- ABC News

Reports: Germany involved in deadly Syria airstrike -- DW

U.S. sees more civilian casualties as campaign against militants intensifies -- Washington Times

Mosul Lays Bare the Challenge of Asymmetric Warfare -- Dan Perry & Susannah George, RCD/AP

Iraqi forces in Mosul see deadliest urban combat since World War II -- USA Today

New Details on Surprise Deployment as More Soldiers Head to War --

US Army announces new Iraq, Afghanistan deployments for 600 soldiers -- Army Times

CENTCOM: More U.S. artillery troops may be needed in Raqqa -- UPI

CENTCOM chief: 'Vital US interests at stake' in Yemen -- Defense News

U.S. Gen. Votel: Russia providing weapons, support to Taliban in Afghanistan -- Washington Times

U.S. General: 'Fair to Assume' Russia Is Supporting Taliban in Afghanistan -- FOX News

Amid US Uncertainty on Afghanistan, Russia Resurrects Interest --

Afghan generals face charges in crackdown on military corruption -- Washington Post

Russia's hypersonic missile ratchets up arms race -- DW

Russia's hypersonic missile ratchets up arms race -- DW

Report: South Korea to deploy upgraded tactical transporter with air force -- UPI

Analyst: North Korea could conduct simultaneous nuclear bomb tests -- UPI

Brexit countdown leaves British defense industry uneasy -- Defense News

Israel reports upswing in defense sales -- Defense News

Trump administration to allow Bahrain F-16 deal -- Defense News

Trump Drops Human Rights Demand in Bid to Sell Bahrain F-16 Jets -- Bloomberg

F-15 retirement likely not a possibility until 2020s, Air Force officials say -- Defense News

Air Force pushes B-21 advanced stealth bomber with more flexible tech approach -- CNBC

Boeing Proposes Massive New F-18 Upgrades - What Will Keep the Aircraft Flying for Decades to Come? -- Scout Warrior

U.S. may sell Stryker vehicles to Latin American countries -- UPI

Next-gen combat vehicle prototype efforts emerge -- Defense News

U.S. Missile Defense Agency buys Lot 9 THAAD Interceptors -- UPI

General Electric to install Hornet engines for U.S. Navy -- UPI

Marine Corps plans to offer pilots retention bonuses for first time since 2011 -- Marine Times

The Air Force is thinking about paying pilots up to $455,000 to stay in uniform -- Air Force Times

Army: Arlington National Cemetery Is At a 'Critical Point' for Space -- and Stripes

Four veterans living with PTSD reveal the disorder’s many faces -- PBS News Hour

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