Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- March 8, 2017

ABC News: WikiLeaks docs allege CIA can hack smartphones, expose Frankfurt listening post

WikiLeaks released Tuesday what the whistleblower group claimed were thousands of secret CIA files showing how U.S. spies hack smartphones, as well as exposing a major secret listening post in Germany.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence declined to comment, and the CIA in a statement would not say whether the files are real.

"We do not comment on the authenticity or content of purported intelligence documents," said CIA spokesperson Jonathan Liu.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- March 8, 2017

WikiLeaks: The CIA is using popular TVs, smartphones and cars to spy on their owners -- Washington Post

WikiLeaks releases thousands of 'Vault 7' documents, reveals CIA's 'entire hacking capacity' -- ABC News Online

Frankfurt used as remote hacking base for the CIA: WikiLeaks -- DW

WikiLeaks says just 1% of Vault7 covert documents released so far -- RT

Russia to arm Antey nuclear subs with Kalibr missiles -- UPI

Russia’s Antey nuclear submarines to be rearmed with Kalibr missile systems -- TASS

Russia expands military transport fleet to move troops long distances -- Reuters

China vows ‘resolute’ measures as US deploys first parts of THAAD missile system to South Korea -- South China Morning Post

Chinese Premier: Expand Military Presence in South, East China Seas -- Sputnik

These 5 Countries Should Watch Out For China's Increased Military Budget -- Ralph Jennings, Forbes

Turkey gets additional drones to fight ISIS, Kurds -- Defense News

World’s Oldest Aircraft Carrier INS Viraat Decommissioned; Could Be Scrapped or Sunk After Hotel Deal Stalls -- USNI News

Fears for Nato as Brussels takes first step to an EU army: New body will control military training missions that do not involve force -- Daily Mail

EU military HQ to take charge of Africa missions -- EU Observer

NATO facing a challenge of relevance in time of 'no world order' -- UPI

NATO, US warn Kosovo against move to form army -- ABC News

More delays for German air defense system buy -- Defense News

Sweden resumes draft to prepare for potential conflict with Russia -- Washington Times

Eastern European diplomats to US senators: more military aid, no ease on Russia sanctions -- DW

Marine Corps trims Hornet squadrons in Japan with F-35 arrival -- Defense News

Has Israel Actually Sent The F-35 Into Combat Already? -- The Drive

A Pilot Explains All of the Amazing Reasons Why the F-35 Is a Stealth Super Weapon -- Kris Osborn, National Interest

Why Australia Won’t Let Its Stealth F-35 Lightning IIs Fly in Lightning -- Michael Peck, National Interest

U.S. Air Force F-16s to receive weapon systems update -- UPI

VIDEO: Navy Tests Anti-Swarm Boat Missile on Littoral Combat Ship USS Detroit -- USNI News

Pentagon Orders 293,000 Advanced Combat Helmets for $98Mln -- Sputnik

A-29 Super Tucano Crashes Outside Moody, Pilots Eject --

US Army Deploys Experimental Counter-Drone Vehicles in Europe -- Defense Update

US Awards Contract to Evaluate Navy Drones, Aircraft -- Sputnik

Commandant to Marines: Report Social Media Harassment, Abuse --

Female Marines who had nude photos leaked speak out -- Houston Chronicle

Fathers of Slain Green Berets Accuse Jordanian of Murder --

Military finds 3 US soldiers killed in Jordan acted properly, showed 'heroism' -- CNN

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