Wednesday, March 22, 2017

New Terror Threats And Intelligence The Reason For New Electronic Ban On Flights From Certain Airlines

Daily Mail: Laptop ban on flights 'is based on intelligence about an ISIS plot to target the West gathered during the raid on Yemen which killed Navy SEAL'

* The intelligence centered around al-Qaeda's 'successful development' of compact battery bombs that fit inside laptops or other devices, sources claimed
* Bombs would reportedly be manually triggered which explains cabin luggage ban
* The US and the UK have instituted similar bans on large electronics in carry-on bags for direct flights from certain Middle East and North African nations
* The US ban applies to 10 airports in Morocco, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates
* Britain's restrictions apply to flights originating from the countries of Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia
* Electronics cellphone sized and small will still be permitted in passenger cabins
* Restrictions come a year after the bombing of Daallo Flight 159, in which a bomber used an explosive hidden inside a laptop

The ban of carry-on electronics on flights was prompted by intelligence gathered about an ISIS plot to target the West, it has been reported.

The threat was judged by the US to be 'substantiated' and 'credible'.

The US and UK announced restrictions on large electronics in carry-on baggage for direct flights from certain Middle Eastern and North African nations on Tuesday.

The move is allegedly based on the suspicion that Islamic State are working on ways to smuggle explosives on to planes by hiding them in electronics.

Crucial information was apparently gathered during a raid against Al Qaeda in Yemen in January that killed Navy SEAL 'Ryan' Owens.

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WNU Editor: I would not be surprised if in the coming months this ban becomes universal.

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Aizino Smith said...

Security seemed light in Kuwait.

1 guy.

But he was good.

Anonymous said...

They got that Intel from the raid they wanted to make Trump responsible and pay for?

Aizino Smith said...

"They got that Intel from the raid"

Yup and Democrats keep on lying.