Sunday, March 26, 2017

On The Front Line In The Battles Around Damascus

Opposition forces members clash with Assad regime forces in Jobar and Qabun district of Damascus Anadolu Agency

The Independent: Tanks, suicide bombs and bayonets: On the front line in the battles around Damascus

Endgames: inside Syria and Iraq In the first in a series of exclusive dispatches from the crucible of war, Robert Fisk reports from Syria’s capital, where regime soldiers are fighting hand to hand with opposition fighters

The soldier was grinning, his wounds bandaged but blood still on his hands. He had the weary, cynical, joyful eyes of a man who had survived. Gunfire cracked around the little concrete hut in which he talked, outgoing mortars and a tank that blazed away into Jobar every few minutes from an outcrop of the Qassioun mountain.

“They came in their hundreds,” he said. “They came in suicide cars and when we tried to rocket them, they came out of tunnels under the ground.” There were, said his comrades, maybe four thousand in all. Jabhat al-Nusra, of course, one of the brand names of al-Qaeda that now dominate the rebel forces in the area. And then another soldier said something strange. “They talked in classical Arabic.”

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WNU Editor: An interesting take from Robert Fisk who appears to be embedded with Syrian forces in Damascus.

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