Saturday, March 11, 2017

Political Change In Sweden?

Global Risk Insights: Sweden’s far right gaining ground as social problems mounts

Sweden’s immigration policy is honourable but has not come without social problems — which in turn herald a political shakeup.

Sweden has accepted more refugees per capita than any other European country. At the height of the European refugee crisis in 2015, Sweden accepted 10,000 refugees per week. Sweden’s liberal immigration policy is honourable, but it does not come without problems. As social problems increase, Sweden’s far right party, the Sweden Democrats (SD) are gaining territory and will likely be the major winner in the next election.

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WNU Editor: Some of my readers from Sweden are telling me that change is in the air. We shall see.


Anonymous said...

I live in a big city close to Stockholm and the country is a disaster with extremly many sexcrimes and unemployed lazy immigrants. One good thing is that ugly fat swedish women have no problem to find sexual partners since almost all immigrants are men (they are also the ones most positive about the development in sweden).

A new influence is that it has suddenly become much more common with rapes of young men. I do not share the optimism of your other swedish readers since so many swedes want to continue the insane policy of mass immigration of muslims and Africans.

Aizino Smith said...

But "Libitards" say Sweden is super awesome man.

'Libitards' are always opining and bleating that the U.S. should be like

the gold standard in libitardness.

Yes the Nordic countries are that gold standard and look what liberalness has wrought.

Norway survives because it is a slightly better run version of Venezuela.

... But the oil is running out in the Nroth Sea.

What is a good tard to do?

Anonymous said...

Yes, nice to hear that not only our leaders are insane ha ha.

Joke aside, it seems like most former strong christian countries now want to replace their own population with Arabs and Africans. Especially popular is Sunni Islam and will probobly be the state religion in the future.

B.Poster said...

"Sweden's immigration policy is honorable..." Were this not such a serious situation, such a statement would be laughable. At the risk of offending which I try VERY hard not to do here and I try to show the utmost respect to everyone here, the author of this piece is either a complete idiot or is blinded to an ideology. I think it most likely he/she is blinded by an ideology.

While I read the article in its entirety time permitting, in life when one begins an analysis with the wrong assumptions about a given problem, they are seldom going to end up with a sound solution. Since the author has begun with an incorrect assumption about such a policy being "honourable" it is very likely that this article is not even worth the bandwidth it is taking up.

Since when did it become honorable to allow an invading force into one's country without a fight? Since when did it become honorable to not only allow this invading force into one's country without a fight but to welcome it in with eyes closed and open arms?

Such policies are not "honourable." Such polices are either a special kind of stupid or suicidal.

Andrew Jackson said...