Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Poll: Most Americas Believe Traditional Media Are Publishing Fake News Reports

Politico: Poll: 6 in 10 Americans think traditional news outlets report fake news

A majority of Americans believe traditional media outlets publish fake news reports, and Republicans are more likely to believe that fake news is being pushed to advance an agenda, according to a Monmouth University poll released Wednesday.

The poll, which was conducted by phone during the first week of March, found that 80 percent of respondents believed online news sources reported fake news either regularly or occasionally. Fifty-four percent of respondents, including a majority of Republicans, independents and Democrats, said that fake news reports online were published on purpose in order to advance a specific agenda.

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WNU Editor: As WNU commentator Andrew Jackson likes to always put it .... "Fake News!!!!" :)


Anonymous said...

For your consideration.

TWN said...

It's very difficult to believe much that passes for news these days, the big problem is Bias, everyone has an agenda and there is no neutral ground. During the Election the MSM did very little on Clinton's negatives and very little on Trumps Positives, they were cheer leaders for Clinton, and since the election wow the attacks on Trump are unbelievable, where as after Obama was elected he basically got an 8 year free ride, even though Obama basically continued the Neo-Con agenda. Biases are there and thats why so many consider the MSM fake, I don't think they're fake, I think they are dishonest and biased, if this continues it will not end very well.