Thursday, March 2, 2017

President Trump Makes A Visit To The USS Gerald R. Ford Aircraft Carrier

Washington Post: Trump tours a hulking aircraft carrier to promote hike in military spending

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — President Trump choppered onto a hulking, gleaming aircraft carrier here Thursday to rally momentum for his ambitious call for a major hike in military spending.

Speaking aboard the U.S.S. Gerald R. Ford — the Navy’s newest nuclear-powered warship, which Trump celebrated as “a monument of American might” — the president vowed to reinvest billions of dollars in new vessels, fighter jets and other weapons of war to modernize what he has long decried as a depleted defense fleet.

“We will give our military the tools you need to prevent war and, if required, to fight war and to do only one thing,” Trump said to a few thousand sailors, shipbuilders and other officials. “You know what that is. Win. Win! We’re going to start winning again.”

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