Friday, March 3, 2017

President Trump Vows That The U.S. Navy Will Have 12 Aircraft Carriers

President Donald Trump delivers remarks aboard the USS Gerald R. Ford. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

FOX News: Trump Promises '12-Carrier Navy' as He Touts Massive Military Buildup Aboard New Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier

Donald Trump stood aboard America's newest nuclear-powered aircraft carrier on Thursday and declared that it's only a down payment on a future 'great rebuilding of the United States military.'

Calling his plan 'a major expansion' of U.S. military might, he said it includes 'having the 12-carrier Navy we need.'

America's fleet of aircraft carriers is presently two short of that number, comprised of older 'Nimitz-class' vessels. Adding just one more after the Ford would get Trump to an even dozen.

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