Thursday, March 9, 2017

Putin - Netanyahu Summit In Moscow -- News Roundup

FOX News: Netanyahu meets with Putin, raises red flags on Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Russian President Vladimir Putin Thursday, and warned about the dangers of Moscow's encroaching ally, Iran.

Greeting Netanyahu at the start of their Kremlin negotiations, Putin emphasized the high level of trust between them. This is Netanyahu's fifth trip to Moscow in the past 18 months, and it follows his talks last month with President Trump.

In a joint photo-op before the meeting, Netanyahu praised Russia's role in fighting the Islamic State terror group and other radical militants in Syria. But he also raised strong concern about the presence of Iranian and Hezbollah forces in Syria.

"One of the things that we are fighting together is radical Islamic terrorism," Netanyahu said as he and Putin sat down for talks.

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James said...

Netanyahu get's a big friend and Putin gets a big stick. I wonder how much the Russo naval presence at Tartus and the Israeli offshore energy fields were on their minds?

War News Updates Editor said...

There are a million Russian Jews in Israel. They travel back and forth between Israel and Russia all the time.

James said...

I knew there were quite a few and that travel restrictions had essentially vanished, but it's a lot of visits by Bibi at a curious time.

Anonymous said...

Bibi chats with Putin and Putin speaks for Trump, so all goes well