Sunday, March 26, 2017

Syrian War News Updates -- March 26, 2017

The Independent: Raqqa offensive to begin in days despite Syria's UN ambassador warning against 'invasion'

The Kurdish-led SDF has been on the offensive since November, aiming to surround the city.

US-backed Syrian fighters have reached a major dam held by the Isis group in the north of Syria, according to officials.

Cihan Sheikh Ehmed, spokeswoman for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), said the fighting was continuing at the entrance of the Tishrin Dam on the Euphrates river, adding that there are casualties among Isis fighters.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said SDF fighters were moving slowly towards the dam because of mines and explosives planted by Isis.

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Syrian War News Updates -- March 26, 2017

Dozens killed as conflict escalates across Syria -- The National
Syrian, Russian Warplanes Pound Rebel Targets; Scores Killed, Wounded -- VOA
Air Strikes Kill At Least 16 In Syria's Idlib -- Reliefweb
Prisoners reportedly shot dead while fleeing Syrian prison after air strike -- FOX News
Evacuation of Syrian Homs rebels delayed: governor -- Reuters
Second Group of Militants to Leave Al-Waer District of Syria's Homs on March 27 -- Al Jazeera
US-aided fighters face little resistance in Syrian operation -- AP
US forces just went behind enemy lines in Syria to cut off ISIS’ only escape route -- Business Insider
Syrian opposition calls on US to spare civilians in Raqqa -- AP
U.S.-led coalition helps train Raqqa police: Syrian Kurdish officials -- Reuters
US-Backed Forces Take Strategic Syrian Dam to Block ISIS From Escaping Raqqa -- The Drive
The race for Raqqa: The noose is tightening in Syria -- The Economist
'No miracles' in Geneva talks as Syria fighting rages -- Al Jazeera
U.N. Envoy Calls on Powers to Salvage Syrian Ceasefire -- Reuters

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Aizino Smith said...

We need to give the Kurds a ton of weapons.

We also need to allow them to make peace with Assad.

Assad so far is at peace with the Kurds. Hopefully it will stay that way.

Peace is not possibly with the Turks. Erdogan is on a jihad. He has said so.