Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Battle Of Brody In 1941 Was The Biggest Tank Battle In History

Robert Beckhusen, War Is Boring: The Biggest Tank Battle in History Wasn’t at Kursk

The Battle of Brody in 1941 was bigger, and is largely unknown.

A thousand coffee table books and countless hours of popular history programs have described the Battle of Prokhorovka, part of the Third Reich’s 1943 Operation Citadel, as the largest tank battle in history. Near the city of Kursk on the Eastern Front, hundreds of Soviet tanks slammed into the 2nd SS Panzer Corps in an enormous conflagration of flesh and metal.

Prokhorovka was certainly an important clash and one of the largest tank battles ever, but it might be time to retire its description as the biggest — a claim which has been seriously questioned in recent years by historians with access to Soviet archives opened since the end of the Cold War.

In fact, there’s a strong case that history’s largest tank battle actually took place two years prior and is largely unknown.

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WNU Editor: When the war started my father was in Kiev .... he immediately went home (south of Kiev). He stayed there for a few days, where he was then conscripted into the army. Was assigned to a press gang .... and after the Battle of Brody was then shipped immediately to the east where he was trained to command an artillery unit (he was studying math in university .... so I guess they wanted someone who knew how to calculate the how and where to point artillery pieces). He learned after the war from his parents/my grandparents .... that it was only a day after he had left that the German Army had arrived to their village.

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