Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The USS Carl Vinson Aircraft Carrier Arrives In South Korea To Join The Annual Military Drills

Nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson arrives at Korea's southern port of Busan on Wednesday. / Yonhap

Daily Mail: The US prepares to 'incapacitate' Kim: USS Carl Vinson carrying huge fleet of fighter jets arrives in South Korea as military sources reveal plan to 'remove' Jong-un's war chiefs

* USS Carl Vinson arrived at the southern port of Busan, in South Korea, to join the annual joint military exercise
* South Korea military source says heightened presence is part of plan to decapitate North Korean leadership
* Pyongyang has long condemned the annual joint drills - called Foal Eagle - between South Korea and the US
* Tensions have escalated with missile launches from North and assassination of Kim Jong-Un's half-brother

A growing US presence off the Korean Peninsula is reportedly part of a plan aimed at 'incapacitating' Kim Jong Un's despotic regime in Pyongyang should conflict break out.

A nuclear-powered US aircraft carrier arrived in South Korea on Wednesday for joint military exercises in the latest show of force against the North.

The USS Carl Vinson arrived at the southern port of Busan as US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson began a tour of the region, where tensions have escalated in recent weeks with missile launches from the nuclear-armed North and the assassination of Kim Jong-Un's estranged half-brother in Malaysia.

More than 80 aircraft, including the fighter aircraft F/A-18F Super Hornet, the E-2C Hawkeye and the carrier-based EA-18G Growler are on board the supercarrier.

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