Tuesday, March 21, 2017

This Former Intelligence Officer Is Advising President Trump On President Putin

The White House has hired Brookings Institution scholar Fiona Hill, who has written critically about Russian President Vladimir Putin, to join its security staff

Michael Weiss, Daily Beast: One Trump Adviser Really Does Know All About Putin

Fiona Hill’s book about Vladimir Putin’s career as an intelligence operative tells us a lot. But what’s she telling Trump?

“People person” is not necessarily the first description that comes to mind when one thinks of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Though barely a year into his unlikely presidency of the Russian Federation, that’s more or less how he described himself to Christian Caryl, then Moscow bureau chief at Newsweek. Asked what it was about his KGB training that he believed informed his administration of a country with 11 time zones and around 8,000 nuclear warheads, Putin answered unexpectedly that it was garrulousness that he found most useful from his days in special services:

“To be able to work with people effectively, you have to be able to establish a dialogue, contact; you have to activate everything that is best in your partner. If you want to achieve results, you have to respect your partner. You need to make that person an ally; you have to make that person feel that you and he have something that unites you, that you have common goals.”

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WNU Editor: I never heard of Fiona Hill until this post. But I took this article on Fiona Hill and Russian President Putin seriously once I read this ....

.... Putin was once placed in charge of the Russian Presidential Administration’s Main Control Directorate, or GKU, which was the agency tasked with uncovering government corruption and embezzlement.

It is this department that propelled Putin into Russia's world of money and finance by helping Boris Yeltsin's cronies benefit from it, that in turn helped him to gain Boris Yeltsin's trust, and from there to the Presidency. If Fiona Hill understands this, she is then the right person advising President Trump on Russian President Putin and the proper balance to his more positive view of the Russian President. On a side note, I have just ordered her book .... Mr. Putin: Operative in the Kremlin (Amazon) and damn, its not cheap.

Update: Trump taps leading Putin critic Fiona Hill for senior White House position as administration continues to take fire for Russia contacts (Daily Mail)

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