Monday, March 13, 2017

This Is What Happens When Spies Are Out Of Control

Gregory Clark, Strategic Culture Foundation: When Spies Are Out of Control

The U.S. spy community — those nice people who told us they were certain the Iraq of President Saddam Hussein was holding weapons of mass destruction — have now made it known they are certain the Russian ambassador to the United States is Moscow’s top spy. But these people, even if they do not know much about WMD, must know what a top spy does. They do it themselves.

First, there is the messy and time-consuming job of finding information-loaded officials. Then there is the problem of maintaining contacts with those officials at secret rendezvous. So a senior ambassador, and former deputy Russian foreign minister, is able to do all this while going to cocktail parties, hobnobbing with the national elite, running a large embassy and studying the politics of the nation to which he is accredited?

I suggest U.S. top spies go back to doing their real work instead of inventing fairy tales.

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WNU Editor: In all large organisations there are always good and bad people. Unfortunately .... with all the leaks coming from the intel community .... one has to wonder on what is exactly happening in the alphabet agencies that make up the U.S. intelligence community.


Anonymous said...

It's simple. .. US embarrassed Russia with the Olympic Doping. ..russia embarrasses the US with Olympic level CIA embarrassements. .Russia always gets the gold :))

Anonymous said...

People are easily manipulated, whether is be for financial gain or even blackmail. Cover is rather important in countries where you're life is at stake, but in certain countries the threat is low so you can be more ambitious. End of the day you hire people who follow, not lead.

Andrew Jackson said...

So says the Russki front group,Stalin would be proud!