Friday, March 24, 2017

This Is What Passes For Live TV In Today's Venezuela

Reuters: Maduro's awkward TV shows raise hackles amid Venezuela crisis

CARACAS (Reuters) - A single mom tells Venezuela's president, Nicolas Maduro, on live television that she cannot afford to adequately feed her four kids, and he quickly changes the subject to joke about her foreign-sounding name, Joandry Smith.

A girl complains that hungry classmates are fainting at school, and Maduro chides her for not doing more for them. A boy says he missed a big soccer game because he was hospitalized, and Maduro recommends he find it on YouTube.

The unpopular leftist president's hours-long televised visits to clinics or schools are meant to soften his image, but foes say they instead highlight his disconnect from a national economic crisis in which millions of people are missing meals.

"As much as they try and hide reality, it always gets out and hits them 'live on TV,'" opposition leader Henrique Capriles said in a recent speech to a local community.

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WNU Editor: When I read multiple reports from multiple different sources stories like the following ....

Venezuelans protest about medicine shortages (Al Jazeera)
Motorists line up for scarce petrol in oil-rich Venezuela (DW)
Venezuela shocked as children arrested for soldiers' killings (BBC)
US, 13 other nations demand Venezuela hold elections soon (AP)

You have to wonder how long will this last.

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