Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Top U.S. General In Iraq Says U.S. ‘Probably Had a Role’ in Mosul Deaths

NBC: General Says U.S.‘Probably Had a Role’ in Killing Mosul Civilians

The top American general in Mosul says the initial military assessment into civilian casualties allegedly caused by a March 17 U.S. airstrike shows the U.S. "probably had a role in these casualties," according to the top American general there.

Lt. Gen. Steve Townsend said Tuesday there is "at least a fair chance" that American forces had a role in killing civilians. Unconfirmed reports suggest the death toll could range from 100 to 200.

"If the U.S. did this," said Townsend, it was an "unintentional accident of war."

Officials had previously said initial analysis indicated coalition forces struck ISIS fighters and equipment on March 17 in western Mosul, and confirmed there was an assessment into possible civilian deaths in a destroyed building. U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) said the aircraft acted at the request of Iraqi security forces.

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WNU Editor: The above video report from CNN's Arwa Damon .... and her analysis on what happened .... is probably right.

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