Tuesday, March 28, 2017

U.S. Coalition Aircraft Are Dropping 500 Bombs A Week Over Western Mosul

Illustrative photo of a US Air Force F-15E Strike Eagle flying over northern Iraq on September 23, 2014, after conducting airstrikes in Syria. (AFP/US Air Force/Senior Airman Matthew Bruch)

Air Force Times: With 500 bombs a week, Mosul airstrikes mark 'the most kinetic' phase of ISIS air war so far

The last three weeks of airstrikes in Mosul have been “the most kinetic three weeks in the campaign in Iraq” against the Islamic State, the top Air Force general in Iraq said Thursday.

Brig. Gen. Matthew Isler, deputy commanding general for Air, Combined Joint Forces Land Component Command, Operation Inherent Resolve, said in an interview that coalition aircraft above Mosul have dropped more than 500 precision-guided munitions a week so far in March — even hitting as high as 605 weapons in one week. The weapons released were all in support of Iraqi Security Forces pushing further into the western part of Mosul, Isler said.

The increased airstrikes over Mosul come as the number of weapons released against ISIS overall continues to grow. According to Air Force statistics, military aircraft from the U.S. and other coalition nations released more than 7,000 weapons against ISIS in January and February — the most of any two-month stretch since the ISIS war began more than two and a half years ago.

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WNU Editor: When you drop that many bombs on a city .... even if they are precision ordinances .... you are going to have high civilian casualties regardless of what you do.


Aizino Smith said...

How big are the bombs.

Bombs got bigger during WW2.

They got smaller in 2003. the bombs are as small as 100lbs or 250 lbs. They can do damage to a house and leave the houses on either side undamaged.

that said there will be lots of civilian casualties especially if ISIS uses them for shields.

fazman said...

500 a week at its peak, little wonder isis is still in existince.

Stephen Davenport said...

Again who gives a shit, you wanna pull the troops back and let ISIS keep it. If you do you are insane. Stop harping on it.

Aizino Smith said...

I'll harp on it.

1) The Iranians and Shia militias make noises that they will kill American troops. Some allies.

2) America is in the midst of a civil war. We cause any casualties whatsoever, the mother fuckers in the Democrat Party want to impeach. If they had majorities in the house and senate that is what they will do. They will do it regardless of what Trump will do, unless Trump does their will.

War is politics by other means" - Clausewitz

In math if you prove something like that you always ask if the converse is true.

Apparently even in Hollywood they figured out the converse. That should give you pause

"Politics is war by other means" - Waldo (Into the Badlands)

Which means political tracts such as "Rules of Radicals" can be considered war manuals or tactical manuals.

Let's get back to that impeach business. Every time Iraq is mentioned, your typical Democrat activist (i.e Leftist) will bring up 1 million civilian casualties yada yada yada. They will go JabberJay on you on sing the mantra of Al CIAda and go down roads like there would be know violence in the Middle East except for the U.S..

It does not matter if you win the argument about the U.S. not creating Al Qaeda (read The Looming Tower and Charlie Wilson's War). The Leftists (people who lead the Democrat party and local precinct bosses) will merely rest and then get up rinse and repeat.

I don't believe in fortress America, but I would like to see Iran, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and China fight it out. Right now we are just helping them.

Look at it this way. The same unwashed assholes that complain about civilian casualties caused by America hardly mention Syria, Iraq, Iran or Russia in this regard at all. So much so that people like Fred & Jay make the Freedom Caucus look like saints when it came to the ACA vote.

Zero civilian casualties is the goal, but it is perfection. Generally you are not going to get it. Yet, the brownshirt Democrats will give lay the largest guilt trip on the American people that they can and they absolutely will prosecute if they have sufficient power.

GWB had flaws. But one of those flaws was not turning Iraq over to the Iranians like the currently Tahiti frolicking boy-king. I see no point in helping Iraq now. It merely makes the Shia stronger and ethnically cleanses the Sunni.